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Renaissance Audio Electronics

About the company, its founders, and philosophy
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What is Renaissance Audio Electronics?

Renaissance Audio Electronics was formed in 2001 by Bradley Smith of Ann Arbor, Michigan and Dennis Dunseith of Windsor, Ontario.  A legally defined US corporation between the two men, Renaissance Audio Electronics was formed to build high fidelity sound reproduction equipment for the audio purist/enthusiast with the best componentry available.

What are our credentials?

Mr. Dunseith brings 28 years of electronics experience to the table. He has done everything from fine tuning and repair of high end audio equipment to the productionization of laser image recognition systems. Mr. Dunseith is a consumate audiophile with decades of experience. Dr. Smith is a techno geek from the word go. He has a PhD in electrical engineering with a specialty in computer architecture. He has 21 years of electrical and computer design experience. He is also a professional choirmaster and organist with extensive background in pipe organ building and restoration, as well as, designing and integrating electronic musical instruments into traditional classical instruments.

What kind of Audio Electronics do we build?

Renaissance Audio Electronics builds tube based amplification equipment. We are currently commencing the start of production phase. The current design uses the Sovtek 6H30, 6C45PI, and the KR-Audio T-100 combined with other electronic equipment to produce a 60 Watt Class A Stereo push-pull amplifier with no negative feedback that has an essentially flat response from 17Hz over 125,000Hz.

When will the first units be
available for auditioning?

The Opus 2 is ready and available for auditioning.
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